-and offered an unrestricted FREEHOLD TITLE..


 Of course you would. 




You would be forgiven for thinking this is some far flung outpost, in the middle of nowhere, which is why it seems too good to be true.


-this is actually a highly sought after inner city residential location, less than 3 kms to the Central Business district of a thriving, modern city, which is rated one of the most liveable in the world

-and  has the cultural, theatre and arts centre of the city very nearby

-AND required only a low initial  10% down payment

And what if we then told you:

-that the per square metre rate for new apartments is under USD$7,500. (compared to London around $35,000, Perth at $9,000, Melbourne at $11,000,  Sydney’s at $25,000, not to even mention Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Moscow...etc 

But very few people are aware of these facts.

The reason we have presented this opportunity in this format is simply this:

 Not to be gimmicky, BUT, the Citylife Group has found an  exclusive pocket that offers all of the above in Australia.

With strong capital growth potential over the next few years,

But many people seem to overlook what is on their doorstep.

This hotspot is supported by much current research showing for example that there is

-Just 109 secondary apartment sales are available to purchase.*  (To put this in context Brisbane CBD has 500, and Melbourne CBD 855! )

And just 122 available to rent.* (Melb. CBD has 462, Brisbane CBD 435 and Fortitude Valley 404)

And, with development costs and construction prices meaning 2 bedroom apartments now cost around A$550,000 to put on the market, the opportunity to secure a property at these near-replacement costs seldom comes along. 


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PS. We forgot to mention...the Developer will pay you rent at the market rate of 5% until you find a tenant...no matter HOW long that takes... (although clearly, no one offers that unless they KNOW tenants are in a good supply) 

But still....

AND loans are available from 3.75% interest rate to foreign investors**  

*Source: SQM Research October 2017

** Major banks. Correct at at December 2017