No matter WHERE or WHAT you intend to buy in Australia, there are important steps to take to ensure investment success, maximise your return, or get the best home for your money.
This guide will walk you through the different stages of buying property in Australia and what is involved with each.
It is certainly NOT a simple matter of looking on the internet and then contacting an agent!
You will learn about:
Planning your purchase, from selection, to taxes, mortgages and inspections.
 The steps to follow, in the correct order, to ensure a hassle free purchase. (Most people try to start at Step 5, missing out the vital first 4 steps)
 The research you should conduct before signing on the dotted line.
 The 'after purchase' items you need to do ensure you are in compliance with Government and tax regulations.
And much more.

awrd winning agent Mike Bentley

The 7 Step System to Buying Australian Real Estate report is written by leading International Buyers Agent Mike Bentley