Whatever Your Situation, Get Free Expert Help On ANY Aspect of Australian Real Estate To Avoid Expensive Mistakes or Make Wrong Decisions.

My 30 Years Experience and Contacts, Knowledge and Access to Extensive Data and Research, Can Help You With Whatever Aussie Property Situation You May Face.

My personalised Australian property HELP and assistance call for Overseas buyers is absolutely unique and free of charge. (WHY is it FREE? Scroll to to the bottom of the page)

It helps to you navigate through any Australian real estate situation you face, confident that you can get the research, help, data,information and advice you need to be able to make your OWN informed decisions going forward.

Placed a deposit on a property, and it is not finished, or worse, NOT started and the real estate agent is avoiding your calls? Need advice on selling, buying, hold, tax or finance?

"Michael's rich and fruitful knowledge have enabled me to look at my potential Australia property investment from different angles and perceptions. His sharp analysis/research work are insightful and his responses to my queries are fast and frank"


Here is your link to your FREE advisory call.  Remember, I don't SELL properties, so do not have any hidden agenda to get you to buy or sell!


I offer a completely FREE 45 minute consultation. In most cases, I can help advise and assist you to work out the solution, or refer you to the correct experts if the situation is more complicated.

Here is why it is FREE with no strings attached.

Very simply, I have an exclusive WHITE GLOVE buying service and advisory, which suits a very limited number of people.

When I am able to help people with my FREE consultations, they often refer me to their friends and relatives who DO NEED my Buyers Service. I GET a referral from a satisfied client, saving me time, effort and costs on marketing.

YOU GET the benefit of my expertise, experience and contacts and importantly my extensive and exclusive research and data.

"Your service has been great and you have been very helpful. I feel as though I can ask you anything and if you do not know the answer you know a person who does"


My advisory service assists with all aspects of Australian property buying by non-residents, including taxes, mortgages, analysis, first home grants, repairs, legal, building inspections, buying, selling or rental etc


 Schedule a 45 minute, zero obligation, zero cost, consultancy call where you may get all the answers you actually need.

"Michael Bentley has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom concerning Australian property investment that one can never learn enough from him"

Alan Tan. Singapore

"Michael Bentley is probably the most experienced expert on Australian Real Estate as it relates to overseas buyers"

Mike brings decades of high level knowledge to the table, and with tens of thousands of dollars of research tools to assist.

This independent advisory service puts Mike's personal knowledge and experience to use FOR YOU.

His Australian property advisory service helps to you navigate through whatever real estate situation you face, confident that you can get the research, help, information and advice you NEED to be able to make informed decisions going forward. 

"Thank you for your kind advice which has indeed been very useful Michael...It's a treat to be talking to a pro who is neutral (vis a vis an agent or even the lawyer) and also in the know of everything, feel very lucky indeed"

"Thank you for the time you gave me. I found your knowledge of the property scene and the firsthand information you gave, very useful... You are a cut above other agents"

"Thank you very much for your detailed reply. You have given us a lot to think about. In fact many things that we hadn't even considered!"

"Many thanks for the huge advice and assistance you gave us. Your tireless and good natured coordination of the whole process and its many aspects have been and continue to be invaluable, including putting us in touch with the relevant experts in the necessary fields and the friendly tips you are always ready and willing to offer".


Alan T lives in Singapore, and owns 2 Australian properties together with his wife.

They decided to purchase an off the plan apartment in Melbourne for their third property for over $800,000.
They planned on sending their children possibly to school/university in Melbourne in due course.
They had viewed the plans, prices and the brochure, but were unsure if it was a good investment or not.
They engaged Mike's advisory service, reasoning that the fee of AU$1,880 was a tiny percentage of what they were about to pay, and a small price to pay to get an experienced and honest opinion on whether they were about to purchase a great property, or make a very expensive mistake.
Mike was able to let them know mostly through WhatsApp and email about the developer, the prices per square metre, the developers reputation and track record of investment success, did a cash flow for them, put them in touch with a finance broker for a mortgage, worked out their potential land tax bill, arranged a FREE 30 minute consult with an Australian tax expert, researched the rental market and potential for a tenant.
In addition, he provided them with exact rate of both capital growth and rental in that location for similar properties over the past 12 months, past 36 months, and past decade, something the developer was unable (or unwilling) to provide.
He advised them of the rental yield, which differed from the developers' guarantee, and advised them on the floor plan.
In the meantime, the selling real estate agent was very aggressive in following Alan up, warning him he would miss this "bargain", that it was the "last one" available, that "others" wanted to buy it even at "higher prices"- the developer was going to "increase the price in just days"-
...he MUST sign the contract or he will "miss out".
Mike discussed with them the benefits of proceeding against not proceeding, as he was not hindered by any conflict of interest.
After a full review of Mike's information and suggestions and research, Alan then decided against purchasing, got his 10% deposit back, and was very relieved as he avoided making a very expensive mistake.

"Mike provided boundless energy towards our purchase, took care of the finance, arranged lawyers, a building inspection, helped us structure it correctly for tax, and when a last minute hitch occurred with the seller deciding NOT to sell, kept calm, and more importantly kept US calm, and used his experience and knowledge to get the deal back for us"

Colin and Elaine, Hong Kong,

PK Wong is an Australian who lives in Hong Kong. He contacted a large Australian real estate company in HK, that advertises extensively on You Tube, Facebook and on TV.

He was considering purchasing an apartment "off-the-plan" in Sydeny, which is where he was from,  although he has been working in HK for the past 15 years.

The apartment had to be large enough for his wife and young child  should they decide to relocate back to Sydney, but in the meantime he wanted to rent it out and protect his capital.

The real estate company offered him a selection of over 10 developments to choose from. Being from Sydney himself, he knew MOST of the locations quite well, and PK and his wife were able to narrow it down to a choice of three possible developments.

In the meantime, the young agent was pushing them for a decision, warning that they would "miss out' if they delayed.

They scheduled a 30 minute free consultation with Mike on Saturday morning.

After the call, they signed up for the advisory service.

By Saturday afternoon, Michael was able to  rule out one of the developments.

The following week, Michael analysed and researched the remaining two projects in great detail.

He gave PK and his wife information the agent was not able (or willing) to provide, such as rental vacancy rates, rental assessment, tax considerations, building report information, depreciation information, cash flows, developer reputation and quality, history of resale prices, supply coming up, flood risks, valuation risks, estimated real price of the property, and much  much more.

He looked into the locations, the "walk score", the "transit score", stock on market, a suburb report, a risk analysis report, and then looked at each potential apartment design, fittings, quality, outlook and view, body corporate restrictions, floor plan desirability, and again, much more.

By week two PK had decided on which project was best for him and his young family.

Then after he selected his preferred floor plan, Mike negotiated with the agent a special offer on what the agent had told PK was "non-negotiable" price and terms. 

Mike introduced an experienced (and affordable) property lawyer to look through and advise on the contract,

A building inspector to ensure the quality and that defects were fixed. An accoubtnant to ensure tax was minimised.

And an excellent property manager. And depreciation expert.   

"Michael is a very resourceful and experienced expert in Australia properties market. His rich and fruitful knowledge have enabled me to look at my potential Australia property investment from different angles and perceptions. His sharp analysis/research work are insightful and his responses to my queries are fast and frank.

In brief, he is a very trustworthy/helpful advisor in dealing with Australian property investment.

Very grateful. Thanks to him."

Cho. Singapore