We help busy expatriates, overseas professionals, business owners and foreign investors who want to ensure they always purchase high quality, low risk properties in Australia.
Unlike other property companies marketing Australian projects in Hong Kong, we personally research the properties we recommend for you, and then back up our research by taking away your risk with our exclusive SAFE BUY, where we protect any fall in the market after purchase.
We have a proven system for you to acquire 3-5 properties, to enable a income of AU$100,000 plus to be generated from just one initial deposit.



At Citylife, we have based our whole business on research. Unlike other agents in Hong Kong, We don't stand in a hotel room on weekends or put huge ads in the newspapers trying to sell unwanted developers stock.


We only recommend property deals that we have researched ourselves.  Our research identifies the ideal locations. We then use our comprehensive property selection checklist to identify properties for you to invest in.


With hundreds of overseas based investors and clients, and over AU$1 billion in transacted sales, Citylife has learnt the value of protecting the downside risk. Our unique "Safe-Buy' system protects you from a market downturn after you buy!


Michael Bentley personally assists each and every client. As an established industry expert,  and experienced property investor himself,  he greatly enjoys mentoring and guiding others towards property portfolio's .

We welcome your enquiry!


Citylife one of the most professional international real estate advisory firms

"I have known Michael Bentley and Citylife Group for over 10 years. Without question they are one of the most professional international real estate advisory and sales and marketing firms I have worked with. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in understanding the product they are marketing and the market they are selling into combine with a personal integrity and professionalism rarely seen in the property industry. Besides these qualities the owner of the company Mr Michael Bentley is a straight shooter."

David S. Dubai

Appreciate your honesty

"A short note to thank you for all you have done to assist me with my property portfolio. I met and trusted you. I am a huge believer of strong personal relationships in everything I do. I have been a student of your knowledge. I truly appreciate your honesty and friendship"

L.S. Hong Kong

Recommending Citylife

"I have no hesitation in personally recommending Citylife and Michael in particular as a great partner in identifying competent property."

Withheld by request.

Best Agent

"Michael, You are without doubt the best agent I have come across, and certainly the most honest agent I have ever dealt with. Thanks for all your help over the years"

Sergio Anacleto. London, (ex- Singapore).


"Just a note to say thanks to the Citylife property Group for all your help in buying my flat. I have been watching the REIWA website there is a flat for sale 2 bed 1 bath 1 car port on sale for $132,000 more than I paid so I am delighted!!" Jacqui M

Really Excited about our Apartment Purchase!

"Just wanted to say we are really excited about our apartment purchase through Citylife Property. Thanks for all your help. You are a good sales person as we are so busy and had sort of forgotten about the apartments, and it was just because you kept in contact with us that we re-looked at it seriously! So thanks very much! "

Lorraine. Dubai

Good property..thanks to Citylife!

"Once again may I extend my heartfelt thanks for all your efforts and honest advice. We could never have got such a good property without Citylife's help"

Janet Ng. Singapore

A cut above the others

"Thank you for the time you gave me on the phone. I found your knowledge of the property scene and the firsthand information you gave, very useful. You are a cut above other agents"

Karen S. Hong Kong

Very Impressive

“I have recently received your Cityliving information pack on the Aussie property market and I have to admit, very impressive, with many tips I have overlooked in the past."

Chris A. Hong Kong

Citylife Informative and professional

"I received your letter and Citylife Aussie property information pack today thank you. The information appears very informative and professional"

Mark T. Hong Kong

 Great service, great properties Citylife!

"Great services. Great properties Citylife! Thank you. My tax is now fixed up, and I've refinanced my properties, greatly reducing the repayments".

Tony Y. Hong Kong

Will Buy Australian property Sight Unseen from Citylife

"Thank your for the incredibly prompt reply, and detailed information. I've not a problem buying Australian Real Estate site unseen from people like Citylife Property"

Paul Stewart 

Pleasure Buying Australian apartment

"I was referred to Citylife and I must say it's been an actual pleasure buying an Australian investment apartment, instead of the stress induced situation it usually is".

Mrs A. H.

Australian apartment rented fast!

"The apartment has come up nicely and have already been rented out after one week from completion, thank you once again for a good recommendation."

Ray Wong. Hong Kong


I feel very lucky indeed

"Thank you for your kind advice which has indeed been very useful Michael...It's a treat to be talking to a pro who is neutral (vis a vis an agent or even the lawyer) and also in the know of everything, feel very lucky indeed"

VK. Hong Kong

Really believe in your methods

"Wow, Im now on my 3rd Australian property through Citýlife. One in Brisbane, one in Sydney, and now one in Melbourne! All have been outstanding performers. I really believe in your methods. I will definitely refer friends to you. " David Robinson, Hong Kong

Now on the property ladder

"Thanks to your advice and help I am now on the ladder and hopefully will continue to move upwards. I want to thank you all at Citylife for your patience with me asking all kinds of questions. Your service has been great and you have been very helpful. I feel as though I can ask you anything and if you do not know the answer you know a person who does." Nigel

I just have one word: Excellent

"I just met your associates who helped walked me through the project. I just have one word, EXCELLENT. Very well done , I liked what I saw. Very happy with what I bought, thank you very much Citylife."

Roy Wong, Singapore

Very useful

"Thank you for the time you gave me. I found your knowledge of the property scene and the firsthand information you gave, very very useful"

PKS Hong Kong

Excellent Australian Investment seminar

"I am writing to let you know both myself and my wife were very impressed with, and greatly enjoyed, your impressive seminar yesterday in London. We have been to others here, and found them to be very biased. Your personal knowledge of all the Australian city property markets, plus the honest presentation, has helped greatly in us to purchase our new Penthouse!"

Margaret and Peter.

Open and Truthful

"Your success all these years has been on a simple concept of truth and unselfishness towards clients, and that is why I believe all your clients appreciate and treasure you. You are open and truthful in always offering the best deal to us instead of pushing what you want to sell."

RW. Singapore


All my properties profitable

"I have known Michael Bentley for over 20 years, from the time he was running the Ben Boyd office in Hong Kong - that is when I first met him as I wished to invest into the Australian property market. I can attest to his extensive real estate knowledge and personal integrity having purchased a number of properties from him over the years in both Sydney and Melbourne - all of which were successful, profitable investments. I have also known other Asian based friends who have purchased property in Australia sight unseen from Michael - all without any problems."

Alex Suvoltos.  Melbourne. (ex-Hong Kong)

Investments exceeded expectations

"I have Known Micchael Bentley for over twenty years during my career as a corporate banker in Asia and have always held him in high regard for his personal integrity and knowledge of the property market in which he operates. When he established his own company I felt very comfortable in purchasing two Australian investment properties according to his advice. Since I made those investments in 2004 and 2005 I have been pleased with their performance both in terms of cash flow and asset value which have satisfied and exceeded initial expectations."

Graham G. London, (ex Hong Kong)

No hesitation in recommending Citylife

"I have purchased in the cities of Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane from house to apartments, based on the recommendations of Michael. I have found the properties to be well researched and in fact have always asked Michael that I be first on developments that pass Citylife’s due diligence in my price range, to obtain best price. All my properties have been hassle free"

Doug R.

Investors Happy

"Thank you Citylifefor your assistance and support in setting up these purchases. It seems that there are a growing number of people looking to invest in but very few reputable agencies that they can work through. Thanks again Citylife for your advice and if ever you are in KL please do feel free to call on us. We would love to buy you a beer."

Lesley. Malaysia

Secured a home in Australia

"Many thanks for the huge advice and assistance you gave us throughout the whole process of locating and securing a home in Australia. Your tireless and good natured coordination of the whole process and its many aspects have been and continue to be invaluable,including putting us in touch with the relevant experts in the necessary fields and the friendly tips you are always ready and willing to offer".

Charles C. Hong Kong


"Our purchase is going well. We got a tenant after about a month and so far no problems. When we went to view, I was really thrilled with the place. Looks like a very good quality development."

Morgan, Hong Kong