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Michael Bentley, Citylife International Realty

Michael Bentley, Citylife International Realty

Am I paying too much if I buy from overseas?

When buying from Citylife International Realty you can have peace of mind that not only are prices fixed. they are always guaranteed to be offered at the same price as is available in the local market in Australia.

 There are no hidden costs. All prices are fair market prices.

Citylife guarantees that all prices are offered at exactly the same price offered in Australia to local investors. You pay no extra in the price by buying from overseas, although like many countries some extra taxes may apply for foreign buyers.

And in fact, sometimes Citylife can secure special incentives that are not available for local buyers, such as Citylife's unique Safe Buy guarantee.

If you are looking to buy in Australia from other agents, and are unsure of prices and the developers reputation, you can use Michael Bentley's advisory service, which will give you peace of mind. For more details, click here.

For more answers to commonly asked questions, please return to the FAQ page using the link below.

"Michael Bentley has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom concerning Australian property investment that one can never learn enough from him"

Alan T.

Michael Bentley is probably the most experienced expert on Australian Real Estate as it relates to overseas buyers.

He brings decades of high level knowledge to the table, and with billions of dollars of real estate deals behind him.

To help you navigate through whatever Australian real estate situation you face, you need to be confident that you can get the research, help, information and advice you NEED to be able to make informed decisions going forward. 

Citylife's exclusive Australian property buying service helps Hong Kong investors buy their dream Aussie property.

"Mike provided boundless energy towards our purchase, took care of the finance, arranged lawyers, a building inspection, helped us structure it correctly for tax, and  when a last minute hitch occurred with the seller deciding NOT to sell, kept calm, and more importantly kept US calm, and used his experience and knowledge to get the deal back for us"

Colin and Elaine, Hong Kong, 2020


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