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Through the identification of supply-demand source imbalances in Australian housing, the Citylife Group identifies cities and opportunities for individual investors to  invest in high quality Australian real estate by selecting a limited number residential developments throughout Australia from quality developers in prime selected locations.


Managing Director Michael Bentley states that his aim for Citylife clients is to achieve regular and reliable rental returns of between 4% to 7% on it's recommended  properties, and  employ a long term investment strategy of between 3 to 10 years, a strategy which has been successfully executed over the past twenty years by Michael's clients and investors.

 This strategy is designed to consistently achieve attractive capital growth returns by minimizing strategic timing issues and taking advanteg of the economic and real estate cycles,  while minimising risk.

Three themes define this strategic approach:

• Researched Developers

Citylife will only deal with quality and researched Developers, with impressive histories and track records.

• Avoidance of "high risk" opportunities

Citylife believes property should aim to be a "low risk- high return" investment, and as such will avoid high risk properties such as student housing, serviced apartments and many "resort" areas.

• Value-added Management and extras

Australian real estate investment is all about combining a high quality location, together with a good quality property at a fair market price, and then packaging it up with legal, rental, and financing services, to create lower holding costs to create maximum rental income, leverage and capital growth opportunities.


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Beaufort Central, Perth.
Trinity, Sydney.
Concept Blue, Melbourne.
Moggil Homes, Brisbane.
Waterford Homes, Brisbane.
Moreton Bay Court, Perth.
Flynn Aparments, Brisbane.
The Terraces, Brisbane.
Stamford Apartments, Perth.
Argenta Apartments, Perth
Village Centre, Brisbane.
Caledonia Apartment, Perth
Degree Apartments, Brisbane.
Melton Homes, Melbourne.
Derrimut Homes, Melbourne.
Seagreen Apartments, Sydney.
Element apartments, Perth, CBD. 
The Cape apartments, Gold Coast
Sanctuary Lakes Homes, Melbourne
Auchenflower apartments, Brisbane.
Stonecutters, Sydney
Allure Apartments, Green Square, Sydney
Montage Apartments, Melbourne
SugarDock, Sydney
Harbour One Docklands
ILK, South Yarra, Melbourne
Ecco, West End, Brisbane
Q111, Perth
Albert Tower, South Yarra, Melbourne
Central South Yarra, Melbourne

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