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The Citylife Group offers overseas and Foreign  Investors the best choice of property loans for Australian Real Estate. 

 Australian Real Estate Investors...
 Real Estate property investment in Australia has never been easier than with the superb LOW INTEREST RATE  investors loans we have put together, through Australia's leading real estate lenders...

Buying a New Home in Australia...

We offer loans to all overseas residents looking to buy a future home in Australia.  Our Mortgage Brokers see it as their role to make buying a new house as trouble free and fast a process as possible.

Buying an Investment Property, anywhere in Australia?

Whether its a Sydney apartment, a Melbourne home, a Perth property, or a Brisbane investment,  we can assist and provide finance at low interest rates for all types of property, even up to 100% of the purchase price. 

Australian Home Loan Calculators...

 We have access to a range of home loans and financial calculators to give you the tools to make a right decision about your finance options. All available on line.  

  Pre-qualification ...

Why wait until you have found a property to apply for a loan?

 A pre-qualification in advance (at no charge or obligation whatsoever) will ensure you have the finance  ready for when you need it. There are no fees for this, and you do not have to draw the loan down, until and unless you find a property to buy in Australia.

Our associated Finance Broker is a mortgage broker with a difference. As Specialists in providing loans to non-residents, they are committed to saving you money by selecting the most appropriate home loan,  or investment loan for your needs from a huge range of International and Australian Banks.

Our variety of loan products and the expertise of our mortgage brokers will ensure that you'll receive the right loan for you . 

Foreign Currency and Aud loans...

We are specially geared to cater for all  Expat, Non resident and Overseas investors lending needs in Australia for all types of Australian real estate.  A variety of different currency options are available to you.

New migrants...

Planning on migrating? No credit rating in Australia? Don't want to use all your cash on your home purchase after you arrive? We can help, and get you your loan BEFORE you arrive, so its ready for you as soon as you land.

You do NOT have to be an existing Australian Bank client, or a Citylife client, or an Australian Citizen to apply for any one of our exclusive mortgages. 

Complete the form and a qualified mortgage broker will get back to you by email, with the best rates, loans, and terms available in the market today.  


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Australian Mortgage Terms 101
Getting a mortgage loan is often an important part of an overall investment strategy. The banks will lend more money, at lower interest rates, for longer periods for Australian property than for virtually any other investment vehicle in Australia.
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